Long-Term Bitcoin Holders at All-Time High: Price Not Cooperating

• The capped supply of Bitcoin has always offered an intriguing layer to analysis of the enigmatic asset.
• Two-thirds of the Bitcoin supply has not moved in over a year, an all-time high.
• Nearly half the supply – 49.3% – has not moved in over 2 years, and 39% have not moved in 3+ years.

Long-term Bitcoin Holders at All Time High

The capped supply of Bitcoin has always been an intriguing aspect for analysts when looking into this enigmatic asset. Currently, two-thirds of the total Bitcoin supply (19.3 million coins) have not been moved in more than one year – reaching an all-time high. This is a testament to long-term holders who are holding onto their coins despite market carnage.

Percentage of Supply Unmoved Over Time

When expanding on this 1+ year mark, we can see what portion of this 67% have been held for even greater amounts of time: nearly half – 49.3% – have never been moved for 2 or more years; 39% have never been moved for 3 or more years; and 28.1% have never been moved for 5+ years – all reaching all time highs as well. It must also be noted that these numbers could also be attributed to lost coins which cannot be accounted for as well as Satoshi Nakamoto’s estimated ownership over one million coins (5% of the supply).

Price Not Cooperating Despite Theory

The theory behind this dwindling supply squeezing up prices due to the economic theory of demand and supply has yet to prove true, however, with prices still struggling despite these record breaking metrics on unmoved supplies throughout different lengths of time periods..

Average Hold Period At Record High Too

To further demonstrate how long-term holders are increasing within the network, we can look at average hold period which measures how long users keep their coins before they move them again on chain – currently standing at 3.8 years – another record high in itself!


Long term bitcoin holders are continuing to increase despite market conditions showing no sign that it will improve anytime soon – making it clear that there is still faith amongst investors in bitcoin’s future prospects and potential growth opportunities ahead!