Dezember 2023

Fantom Token (FTM) Price Soars as Upgrades Loom: What to Expect?

• The price of the Fantom token, FTM, has risen by 5.9% today and by over 52% in the last week.
• Fantom is preparing for a number of upgrades in the coming days, including the launch of an on-chain funding system Ecosystem Vault.
• The Fantom community is expecting further price movement ahead of a number of upcoming upgrades, including the launch of a new „Go-Opera’s profiling and bottleneck identification“ database called Carmen.

The price of the Fantom token, FTM, has seen a remarkable surge over the past week, with its price increasing by more than 52%. This has been largely attributed to the launch of the on-chain funding system Ecosystem Vault, which was announced by the Fantom team earlier this month. The Ecosystem Vault has been designed to enable the development of decentralized finance (DeFi) services for decentralized applications (DApps) developers.

The launch of the Ecosystem Vault has led to a surge in the price of the FTM token, with the price increasing by 5.9% today. This has sparked speculation amongst investors as to what could be driving the price surge. The Fantom team has now revealed that there are a number of upcoming upgrades that should be ready for release in the coming days.

The first major upgrade to the Fantom blockchain is the introduction of a new ‘Go-Opera’s profiling and bottleneck identification’ database, dubbed Carmen. This new database will allow for faster cryptographic hashes and custom encoding of data, enabling developers to create more efficient DeFi services. The Fantom team has also revealed that they are working on a number of other upgrades, such as improved smart contract security, a new consensus mechanism and enhanced scalability.

Investors are expecting further price movement once these upgrades are released, as they are likely to bring further improvements to the Fantom blockchain. The team has also revealed that they are working on a number of other projects, such as the upcoming Fantom DEX, which is expected to be ready for launch in the near future.

All in all, the upcoming upgrades to the Fantom blockchain are likely to lead to further price appreciation for the FTM token. Investors should keep an eye on the Fantom team’s announcements over the coming weeks, as further price movement could be seen once the new upgrades are released.